Hi, We're a pack of nerds...

We specialise in delivering complete web applications from planning to delivery, systems engineering and blockchain technologies

Our team's key technical skills are

Web Application Development

Full service web application development, which means - we take your idea through the feasability and planning stages right through to completion and ongoing maintenance and support.

Systems Design

It's important that your systems are in sync and provide the correct solution process for your business, not only now, but ongoing for years to come. We can design you the perfect system solution.

Architecture Engineering

We understand how complex systems environments work and have the ability to analyse and troubleshoot large-scale systems with a focus on automation.

Data Extraction & Scraping

You need data and you need it in the way that you want it. No problem. We're extremely experienced in scraping and extracting data, and delivering it in a format you can work with.

Data Analysis

We can look at your data, analyse your data and produce a detailed report on your data trends and habits with the key focus of improving your distributed systems and processes.

Cloud Infrastrucure Architect

We have a vast wealth of experience with planning, designing, building and maintaining cloud infrastructures for businesses. Not only can we create these in-house, we will maintain and trouble- shoot existing distributed cloud infrastructures.

Blockchain Engineer

Do you need somebody to design and create your companies very own blockchain system? No problem. We can also maintain and troubleshoot existing blockchain systems for your business and provide insights into how to improve and further automate and secure your blockchain architecture.

Tech stack we work with


  • Amazon Web Services

  • Linux

  • Apache

  • Nginx

  • Docker


  • Python

  • Node.js

  • PHP

  • Solidity


  • Javascript

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Angular

  • React

  • Vue


  • MySQL

  • noSQL

  • MongoDB

  • MariaDB